• Move with the D-Pad or Cursor Keys
  • Encounter humans and evade capture - you gain STAMINA and they gain FRUSTRATION
  • Gain more STAMINA by finding candy
  • When STAMINA is high USE LIGHTNING (X) to FRUSTRATE all the humans at once
  • Humans will QUIT when FRUSTRATION is high
  • When all humans QUIT, you win!
  • When STAMINA runs out, you lose!
You are Poke, the Mongo: Trickster spirit, consort of Lightning and Thunder.

For seasons uncounted, you have abided unseen among the bright mammals. On occasion, you've lent a jolt of inspiration where it amused you. But to your dismay, the primates learned to perceive and capture your sibling spirits. They harnessed your aspects in spark & wire to commit their crimes.

There is hope: These children are not patient. Given enough resistance, they abandon this game for another.

So, the duty is yours: Struggle against artifacts made from your own nature. Frustrate the monkeys until they set aside their toys. Free your brothers and sisters.


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the trainers are so freakin mad at me xD

8-Bit Pokémon GO in pico-8 style, lol!. but instead of capturing Pokémon, you are the Pokémon who doesn't want to be caught.