• Move with the D-Pad or Cursor Keys
  • Encounter humans and evade capture - you gain STAMINA and they gain FRUSTRATION
  • Gain more STAMINA by finding candy
  • When STAMINA is high USE LIGHTNING (X) to FRUSTRATE all the humans at once
  • Humans will QUIT when FRUSTRATION is high
  • When all humans QUIT, you win!
  • When STAMINA runs out, you lose!
You are Poke, the Mongo: Trickster spirit, consort of Lightning and Thunder.

For seasons uncounted, you have abided unseen among the bright mammals. On occasion, you've lent a jolt of inspiration where it amused you. But to your dismay, the primates learned to perceive and capture your sibling spirits. They harnessed your aspects in spark & wire to commit their crimes.

There is hope: These children are not patient. Given enough resistance, they abandon this game for another.

So, the duty is yours: Struggle against artifacts made from your own nature. Frustrate the monkeys until they set aside their toys. Free your brothers and sisters.
Published Oct 07, 2016
AuthorLes Orchard
TagsCasual, Cute, Demake, Parody, PICO-8, Retro


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8-Bit Pokémon GO in pico-8 style, lol!. but instead of capturing Pokémon, you are the Pokémon who doesn't want to be caught.